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This is the question that I get asked a lot, which is a very important question. Below, I provide you with the first step in investing. Now these steps can be modified or adjusted to meet your needs, so please do not feel as though these are the only steps to investing.


The first step is identifying the brokerage company you would like to work with. This will assist you with choosing the best company that meets your needs. 


Choosing a brokerage company is very similar to choosing a bank and a checking account. Most people tend to  choose a bank and bank account that offers them some sort of benefits. Same with a brokerage company. Some of theses befits could include low fee/no fee trades and low fee or no administrative cost. Some accounts may have fees associated with owning the account. Make sure you know this information before you open up an account with the company.


A brokerage company will let you buy and sell stock. Here are some brokerage companies, but this does not represent all companies: Robinhood, E*Trade, Charles Schwab, T Rowe Price, and Merril Edge. Make sure you do a thorough investigation to make sure you have chosen the best company for you.


These companies usually provide investment information on their websites, such as : Common definition information and how to invest, as well as videos and examples of investing. You can also google and research information. I use Investopedia to learn information about stocks and investing. The site is very helpful and provides links and suggestions to other investment information similar to your search.


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