How to Invest part 5 of 5 By Melica Niccole- Author, Stock Mentor, and Blogger

How To Invest ~ Part 5

Written by Melica Niccole

Author, Stock BossUp App Mentor, and Blogger 

The fifth step is the most important step of the five. Have fun while investing. A great way to have fun is to only invest what you are able to invest and that can be used as recreational funding activities. If you are strapped for cash or only have money for rent and utilities, please pay your rent and utilities first. The stock market has been around for years and will be here after your responsibilities get paid. In order to have fun, you have to make sure your basic needs are met.

As discussed in part 4, investing with friends and family can be fun; from discussing short term and long-term stock options to stock splits and reverse stock splits. The other fun thing is getting other people’s perspective about a stock. There are many different reasons why people invest in certain stock. Some reasons are because of price, history, future, volatility, and just because it seems like a great option. Now I would also suggest being cautious with the stock you are purchasing to make sure it’s not a pump and dump stock ( ). 

So, my suggestions to help you invest are 

  • 1- Research and choose a brokerage company that meets your needs
  • 2- Register and Setup Your Account with get Brokerage Company
  • 3-Research Companies on the stock market (i.e. Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange, and soon to be Dream Stock Exchange) The Dream Stock Exchange ( “will focus on small business capital formation and diversity using the power of the American investing.”
  • 4-Create or join an investment support group 

  • 5- Have fun, but not too much fun. Fun while being responsible


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