Investing part 3 of 5 By Melica Niccole - Author, Stock Mentor, and Blogger

The Third Step is to research companies via the company website, Google, brokerage website/app, and other methods you found useful. This can be the most challenging step because it’s a self-directed search, which can be tedious and time consuming. It truly does not have to be tedious. I would suggest researching products you currently buy and the companies who make them, such as household products, apparel, consumer companies, technology, and energy. Examples of some companies listed on the stock exchange are: Target, Lucid Motors, Apple, Discover Card, and Airbnb. That’s only a few companies listed; however, there are many more.

In your research, make sure you understand what you are reading. Some information can be confusing, but you have the World Wide Web at your figure tips. Use all your resources to help you invest in your future. When I first started investing, I was a bit confused about a stock split, reverse stock split, market orders, limit orders, calls, puts, support, and resistance. If someone had instructed me to read an investment chart to identify the support and resistance levels, I would have been confused. I am not saying that I’m a chart slaying guru now. However, what I am saying is that I have more background information now to make an educated assumption. 


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